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Etayowa.Life App

Welcome to the Etayowa.Life App

Etayowa Entayowa means "A space for All that is Love and All that is Life"

About Us

We invite people from all walks of life to come together as ONE, to make this world a better place.

We assist people who desire to expand their consciousness to achieve a state of inner peace, awaken their true nature and purpose, live a life they love, while laying the foundations for collaborative projects that improve the lives of everyone.

We do this through co-creating consciousness oriented events and courses that inspire, educate, and promote authentic interpersonal connections and empower individuals to overcome life's most difficult obstacles and step into creating a life of soul fulfilling purpose!

If you would like to overcome life’s obstacles to live authentically in your power, we invite you to connect with us here and get involved with one of the conscious, “new earth,” initiatives we are networked with.

We believe the result would be a new earth full of life, love and harmony.

Our Why

Ultimately we are creating a safe space for growth, healing and connection amongst the awakened community, strangers and friends alike.

The Etayowa.Life platform is a place of spiritual freedom, unimpeded by the negative cycles that we see each-other go through in our daily lives. A place to get away and break those cycles, a place to heal, ground, connect, just be yourself... maybe even find yourself.

What would occur if everyone was able to recognize when their programming is not in alignment with their true nature?

What would happen if everyone had the resources to effectively reprogram themselves in alignment?

What would be achieved if everyone had the ability to fluently alchemize and create new programs as needed?

We believe humanity would uncover within itself all the solutions to all of our perceived problems both personally and in our collective societies and cultures.

We believe this would radically transform the entire definition of the human experience into something a lot more magical, enjoyable, and worth living for.

We believe life doesn’t have to be a drag, it’s a thing meant to be loved. So let’s start creating what we love, starting within ourselves.

What else...

Why Etayowa.Life App?

We bring together lightworkers, healers, starseeds, new-earth leaders, and entrepreneurs to co-create through multidimensional expression of our spiritual growth and embody our souls true purpose. Engaging in conscious collaboration creating a positive impact in the world, so that we can amplify our collective missions and create more aligned connections and opportunities. By doing this together we can anchor more light into the planet and support the transition of humanity into consciousness.

The Results You'll Get

Our community, courses, and memberships are pretty special. We’re focused on the ways it will make a huge difference in your life.

Here are a few of the things you’ll be able to do as a member of Etayowa.Life App:

  • Connect with fellow lightworkers, healers, and starseeds for spiritual growth and multidimensional expression.
  • Co-create with new-earth leaders and entrepreneurs to amplify your collective missions and make a positive impact.
  • Support humanity's transition into consciousness by anchoring light and fostering aligned connections and opportunities.

When You Join Today

When you join Etayowa.Life App today, you’ll get access to our:

  • Multidimensional Lightworker Circle: Participate in a group healing session that focuses on empowering individuals through shared energy work and holistic practices. These circles foster trust, deep connections, and personal growth, helping members create positive change in their lives and the world around them.
  • New Earth Entrepreneur Workshops: Take part in online courses with video sessions, live chats, and virtual events aimed at developing spiritually-aligned business projects and ventures. Learning to combine your passion, purpose, and abundance lets you create a successful and meaningful entrepreneurial journey.
  • Starseed Networking Events: Attend regular meetups where members can connect, explore collaborative projects, and exchange ideas on advancing their collective missions. This fosters a dynamic, supportive environment where you'll learn from like-minded peers and expand your network, thus amplifying the impact of your work in raising global consciousness.

We Are One

We are the awakened dreamers...
Awake within the dream!

It all starts with a dream...
A image, thought, feeling or desire in the heart...

We believe the most perfect dreams should be realized and actualized into reality. We are a collective of high-performance, highly skilled individuals who are empowering the dreams of a more perfect world.

Founded by Josiah McCampbell, Maraea Davies & Lenelda Loedolff in 2021 with a collective of New Earth way showers, we are now operating our network of resources and supporting the dreams of dreamers worldwide!

What is your dream?


We grow conscious projects co-creating resources for the betterment of all life!

We support the growth and launch of life changing projects, initiatives, products and services which improve the lives of people everywhere on the planet. We are committed to only building that which benefits all life


We connect conscious projects cultivating the energy of co-creation and community!

We believe good ideas which benefit humanity as a whole should be front and center. Our teams connect and scale our clients conscious projects with marketing strategies, optimized infrastructure and creative content support.


We support conscious initiatives and projects that create planetary impact!

We believe that the impact of an idea is the measure of it’s success. We are committed to supporting those we work with to create planetary level impact through a connected and empowered community of inspired minds

Our Vision is Simple

It Starts with a Purpose

To support those who love and love enough to remind those who have forgotten how to love, to love themselves again. We hold a vision of a more perfect world, founded in love and trust for ourselves and each other. A world where humanity can co-create in harmony, building a vibrant and fulfilling future for ourselves, our children, and generations to come. Our mission is to support the success of projects, businesses, initiatives, products, and services which move humanity a step in the direction of worldwide peace and joy.

The Connection

Connecting the Keys to the Dreamer

When visionaries and leaders who share a common goal are connected with each other and supported with resources to scale their businesses, projects, initiatives, products, and services, true impact can occur. The impact of quality, life-changing products and services touches the lives of every person involved personally in their own lives and rippling into the world at large, shifting all of us towards a future defined by peace, connection, love, and a common goal to truly live the lives we love fulfilling our true purpose.

The Impact

From a Dream to Reality

Our network is supported with a wealth of training resources and technology infrastructure to design, host, launch, and scale any project. Guided by the support of our coaches and mentors and the full support of sales, enrollment, and marketing teams built to scale, alongside a thriving community of leaders and creators who hold a common vision, we support those who work with us and their clients in achieving unparalleled results both in their personal lives and in their business as they work to transform the world one individual at a time!

You Choose

What will you choose to dream?

Get involved in the Etayowa Ap and attend a community event to learn how we are providing conscious support and creative ideas for your world changing inspiration!