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Etayowa Entayowa - "A space to connect and empower conscious creators of all that is love and life"

About Us

We invite people from all walks of life to come together as ONE, to make this world a better place.

The Awakening Begins assists people who desire to expand their consciousness to achieve a state of inner peace, awaken their true nature and purpose, live a life they love, while laying the foundations for collaborative projects that improve the lives of everyone.

We do this through hosting consciousness oriented events that inspire, educate, and promote authentic interpersonal connections.

If you would like to overcome life’s obstacles to live authentically in your power, we invite you to connect with us and attend one of our events, or get involved with one of the sustainable, conscious, “new earth,” initiatives we are networked with.

We believe the result would be a new earth full of life, love and harmony.


Ultimately we are creating a safe space for growth, healing and connection amongst the awakened community, strangers and friends alike.

The Awakening Begins platform is a place of spiritual freedom, unimpeded by the negative cycles that we see each-other go through in our daily lives. A place to get away and break those cycles, a place to heal, ground, connect, just be yourself... maybe even find yourself.

What would occur if everyone was able to recognize when their programming is not in alignment with their true nature?

What would happen if everyone had the resources to effectively reprogram themselves in alignment?

What would be achieved if everyone had the ability to fluently alchemize and create new programs as needed?

We believe humanity would uncover within itself all the solutions to all of our perceived problems both personally and in our collective societies and cultures.

We believe this would radically transform the entire definition of the human experience into something a lot more magical, enjoyable, and worth living for.

We believe life doesn’t have to be a drag, it’s a thing meant to be loved. So let’s start creating what we love, starting within ourselves.